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The MBA Tour

There's a business school for everyone. Meet yours.

Monday August 10, 2020
17:00 - 20:30
Chile Standard Time
School logos are for illustrative purposes. See the list below for schools that will be in attendance.

Join us at The MBA Tour to connect with leading business schools from around the world! Our intelligent matching algorithm distills decades of experience to recommend the best schools for you. We’ll make the introductions, give you access to exclusive panels and discussions, and help you network with admissions professionals, alumni and fellow candidates. Click here to learn more!



17:00-17:20 Keynote Address
Why an MBA is a Smart Choice for an Uncertain Future
17:00-20:30 University Hall & Networking Lounge
Live Chat with Admission Directors, Alumni and Current Students
17:00-20:30 Advisor Hall
Resume Reviews, Flash Consultations & Giveaways
17:30-17:55 IESE Business School Presents
How the Case Method Has Prepared Ethical Leaders That Are Changing The World
17:30-19:30 MeetUp
Small group virtual meetings with university representatives
18:00-18:25 Penn State University Presents
Flexibility, Customization and Integrated Options at the Smeal School of Business
18:30-18:55 University of Toronto, Rotman Presents
The Advantage of doing an MBA in Toronto, Canada
19:00-19:25 York University, Schulich Presents
An MBA Talk
19:30-19:55 GMAC Presents
Understanding & Preparing the GMAT Exam
20:00-20:25 Manhattan Prep Presents
Fast Math
20:00-20:25 Scholastica Presents
Beca para MBA: Estrategia Comprobada


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