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Frequently Asked Questions


  • How do I tell if my registration went through? If you’re registration was successful, you will get a confirmation email and you will have a login on our website.
  • Why is my registration not submitting? Make sure you have completed all required fields on all pages of the registration form. Another common problem is internet speed. Make sure you wait for the form to be submitted completely before clicking to another page or hitting refresh. It may take a little while to submit in areas where internet speed is slow.
  • When can I register for an event? As soon as an event is posted online, registration is open and you can sign up.
  • How do I change my password? If you would like to change your password, just go to the My Account Tab once you have logged in and click the change password button.
  • I forgot my password, how can I reset it? Go to the sign-in page and hit the “Forgot Password” link on the bottom right of the page.


  • What should I bring to the event? You should bring a few copies of your resume and some business cards in case the universities request them. 
  • Can I register at the event? You can register onsite for the event. The downside to registering onsite is that universities won’t be able to invite you to MeetUps.
  • What should I wear to the event? At minimum you should be dressed in business casual. If you feel like wearing business attire that is very appropriate.
  • Can I bring a guest to the event? Guests are welcome at the event. Please have them get a guest badge at the registration desk. Guests will not be allowed to attend MeetUps as space at these meetings is limited.
  • Where can I find the event schedule/list of participating business schools? Please visit our website and click on the events tab. From here select the event you are interested in attending. This page will show the event schedule, attending universities, and partner organizations.
  • How do I cancel my registration? Log in to your account online and select “My Account” from the right side of the top navigation bar. From here you will see a link to cancel your registration.
  • Does The MBA Tour offer visa sponsorship and scholarships? The MBA Tour does not offer any help in obtaining a visa for our events. We do not offer scholarships for obtaining your MBA either. Some universities at our events may have scholarship options but the selection will vary by university.


  • How do I confirm a MeetUp? To confirm a MeetUp log in to our website and go to your landing page. On the left hand side you can see all the MeetUp invitations you have received. To confirm, hit the confirm button and select the time you would like to visit the school.
  • Can I reschedule a confirmed MeetUp? To reschedule, go to your landing page and hit the reschedule button under the MeetUp in the left hand side bar.
  • How do I show I cannot make any of the MeetUp times? If you cannot attend any of the sessions a university invited you to, select the “schedule conflict” button under the MeetUp invitation on the landing page. This will allow you to send a message to the school requesting a different time to meet. 
  • Can I add a MeetUp session at the event? Most MeetUps are scheduled prior to the event. There are certain times when the schools are available and unless they arranged a separate time with you to meet those are their only available meeting times. At a MeetUp only event it is possible to get scheduled for additional MeetUps onsite, depending on the school’s schedule but for most of our events everything must be confirmed beforehand.
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