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Preparing for the Tour
Understand the components of an MBA Tour event and learn how to set yourself up for success


A MeetUp is a small group meeting between a university representative and up to six candidates. Each MeetUp session lasts 20 minutes long, and there are usually five to six sessions per event. 

Universities will begin sending MeetUp invitations 15 days before the event, so be sure to check your email and student portal. If you do not receive any invitations, there will be a chance to schedule MeetUps onsite during the event.


Some universities will participate in MBA Talks during the event, providing an opportunity for you to learn more about specific programs and topics. Each session is 25 minutes long, and you are free to drop in on as many as you’d like. 

There may be multiple MBA Talks happening at once, so we recommend that you check out the presentation schedule ahead of time in your student portalIt will be available 15 days before the event.


Each event will have one or multiple panel presentations, which are sessions on various topics hosted by a small group of university representatives. 

The topics covered during MBA Tour panels vary based on the event and include preparing your application, financing your degree, discovering programs that fit your career goals, and more. Check your event page to see which topic(s) will be covered during the event you’re attending.


Most events will conclude with a Networking Fair, in which you have the opportunity to network with admissions representatives, alumni, event sponsors, and fellow applicantsThe Networking Fair gives you the chance to meet with any schools you were not able to visit earlier in the event and to make connections with other event attendees and MBA graduates.

This time also provides the opportunity to speak more informally with school representatives and to discover programs that may not have been on your radar. 


During most events, event sponsors will be exhibiting in the foyer and providing support to candidates. These sponsors include test prep organizations, admissions consultants, young professional networks, non-profits, financial institutions, and any other group that assists candidates during their business school journey.

Some sponsors may host a session during the event on a specific topic, and others may hold resume reviews or provide discounts on their services. Check your event page to see which sponsors will be present.


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