Tour Services

What's Included

Pre and Post Event Registration Data

The MBA Tour provides access to registration data for each event a school registers for. The data is conveniently accessed from our website allowing a school to easily see student information. With this access, the school has the ability to send one email to the pre-registration database before the event to advertise its program.

University Dashboard

An exclusive service that enables you to track your event performance by showing the results of each event you attend.
• Total event registration and attendance
• Candidates that plan to apply to your program
• Candidates you met (scanned) at the event
• School Presentation attendance
• and more!


The MBA Tour provides a scanner to each participating business school to instantly capture candidate contact info at conferences and eliminate extra office work. After an event schools can download the registration and contact data of scanned attendees within 24 hours. Some of the data captures includes age, work experience, program interests, and industry.

Event Marketing

To ensure successful attendence of high quality candidates at our events we promote the event through multiple comprehensive channels: print & online media, educational test prep and consulting companies, MBA Resource networks and non-profits and social media outreach. We notify Business Schools when there are opportunities to be included in editorial, PR, or print content. If you have questions about marketing, please contact us.

Comprehensive University Profile

A public resource on The MBA Tour website for candidates to research your program. Includes information on demographics, location, program highlights, etc.

Tour Members Website

The Tour Members Website is the go-to location for everything a school need to prepare for an event or tour. Get access to extensive information about the events and tour: hotels, visa info, shipping info, conference guidelines, tour handbooks, and tour itineraries in addition to cultural information to help you prepare for international travel.

To see your Tour Members page:
1. Login with your university username
2. Click on "Tour Members Website"

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Travel Package

We take care of you from the moment you arrive in the first city on the tour!

Remove the stress and hassle of travel planning by selecting one of our popular Travel Packages throughout many of our regional recruiting tours. This gives you the benefit of our group rates with hotels, airlines, and affordable airport transfers by traveling with the rest of the group on safe and air-conditioned buses. You can rely on our experienced staff to make all of your travel arrangements so you can focus your time on connecting with candidates. Not only will you be able to focus on applicant outreach, but you also have the opportunity to travel and connect with your colleagues in the industry.

Travel Packages Include:

  • Airfare from the first city to the last city within the travel package you select
  • Bookings for single room accommodations in 4-5 star hotels that will be paid for at checkout (estimate provided). Estimate includes breakfast and internet at all hotels.
  • Airport transfers during group travel, including airport taxes where applicable
  • Professional tour leaders who travel with the group from city to city.
  • Travel packages can be split among more than one traveler, however there are no refunds for unused airline segments or hotel nights and any additional costs incurred as a result must be absorbed by the business school.
  • If the travel packages listed do not meet your recruiting travel needs, please contact us for a customized travel package.
    Please note: If your school imposes any travel restrictions on the cities within our published travel packages, please contact to request a customized travel package (the restriction must be sent to us in writing).

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    Social Media Offerings


    Let us do the marketing for you!

    Boost Marketing Beyond the Events

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    Services for Purchase cont.

    Individual School Presentations

    Admissions representatives regard the presentations as one of our most useful conference formats. The presentations are an opportunity to showcase your unique program aspects to a group of prospective students. You have 25 minutes in a private room to highlight the features of your program. Typically there are three to five other universities presenting in concurrent sessions. With the purchase of a school presentation, you will also have access to our MeetUp system to invite candidates that fit your school's profile to attend the session with a custom meessage. Individual School Presentations are offered at most conferences for USD 550 per presentation.
    *AV is not included in the presentation cost and can be purchased for an additional $200 per event (limited availability).


    We offer dedicated time and space for one to one and small group meetings with top candidates during our conferences. Conferences will have allotted time in a MeetUp designated room to meet with high quality candidates that are preselected and invited by you prior to the event. Our MeetUp system makes it easy for you to pre-screen candidates and send custom meeting invitations.

    By using MeetUp you can gain access to detailed candidate information: resume, student interest in your school, student intent to apply to your program, GMAT status, work experience, and more. Use this comprehensive candidate information to help filter through to your ideal candidates!

    New in 2018, you have the option to use The MBA Tour’s automated invitation system to invite students to MeetUp sessions. You can still manually invite students as well. To configure automated inviations, please contact your Account Manger.

    USD 550 per event, or discounted at USD 250 when purchased with a school presentation.


    Every participating program that purchased MeetUp or a school presentation will have MBATourMatch as part of the package. New in 2018, in order to help promote your program, you will have the option to use The MBA Tour’s automated invitation system to invite students to MeetUp sesssions and School Presentations. You can still manually invite students as well. To configure automated inviations, please contact your Account Manger.

    Included in MeetUp or School Presentaion Purchase

    MS Program Options

    New in 2018, we are offering the option to coordinate a MS-focused panel at any event where MS programs from at least 3 separate universities register as separate entities from their MBA programs. Cost to register for the event for your MS program will be included in your MBA program's event volume discount price bracket. Once there are 3 MS programs registered in a city, we will coordinate the MS panel with the 3 schools for free. The MS panel is available only for the MS programs that register for the event. If you are interested in registering your MS programs for any of our events, please contact your account manager for further details and next steps.

    Professional and Cultural Activities

    Professional activites can range from company vistis to briefings from local partners on the state of education in a certain region. They are a great way to expand you knowledge of your recruiting market and expand your network there.

    The MBA Tour plans additional activities on free days during the tour to help you explore you surroundings. These trips are a fun and engaging way to sight see while connecting with your professional colleagues. Past cultural activities have included city tours, dinners out, volunteer work, and day trips.

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    Event Formats

    MBA Fair

    The fair is strategically placed at the end of the MBA conferences. This allows candidates to first gather information from the Individual School Presentations and Panel Presentations in order to prepare for speaking one on one with you at the fair. At the MBA Fair, you and your alumni have the opportunity to meet with a large number of applicants in a short period of time.

    Panel Presentations

    Panel Presentations are 25 minute sessions that cover valuable business school admissions topics and answer a wide range of MBA applicant questions. Schools have the opportunity to participate on the panels and share topic advice with a large group of prospective students. Any participating admissions representative can be a panelist; sign up online after registering for events. Topics in the past include: How Admission Decisions are Made, Managing Your MBA Career Search and Financing your MBA. The MBA Tour provides guiding talking points for all panels. New in 2018, an MS panel is available in all cities in which at least 3 different universities’ MS programs participate.

    MeetUp Networking Events

    Some cities will be MeetUp only events - no MBA fair will take place. The MeetUp Networking format includes panels and a room for one to one and small group MeetUps instead of a fair. These events will also also include school presentations. This format is geared towards smaller conferences with 100-150 candidates and provides a more intimate environment for connecting with future applicants. You will use the MeetUp system to pre-select and invite candidates to meet with you at this event.

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