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The MBA Tour

There's a business school for everyone. Meet yours.

Tuesday August 17, 2021
18:00 - 22:00
Brasilia Standard Time
School logos are for illustrative purposes. See the list below for schools that will be in attendance.

The MBA Tour is the perfect opportunity to explore your business school options and find the program that best aligns with your career goals. This is your chance to speak directly with the world’s leading business schools, attend interactive presentations to compare various programs, improve your application, get exclusive GMAT™ Exam tips from the exam creators & more!

“The virtual booths and various presentations provided a great way to interact with
admissions representatives given the current pandemic.”
- The MBA Tour Latin America Attendee


All attendees will receive an exclusive B-School Success bundle which includes:

  • application guides that provide expert advice for every stage of your journey to business school, from crafting a compelling answer to “Why business school?” to putting together applications that stand out in applicant pools full of qualified candidates
  • Cost of MBA Report by BusinessBecause, breaking down the total cost of the world’s top MBA programs covering MBA tuition fees, living costs, healthcare, and more
  • Telling Your Personal Story Bundle by MBASecrets: Step-by-step foolproof essay writing guide, personal interview with world-renowned admissions consultant, and collection of essays that worked. As an attendee of The MBA Tour, enjoy 15% off! 

Everyone who attends their scheduled MeetUp(s) will receive a GMAT Accelerator bundle which includes:

  • GMAT 8-Week Study Planner: The goals, tools & tips you need to work towards your b-school goals – in just 8 weeks. From the makers of the official GMAT™ exam.
  • 15% off the GMAT™ Official Guide 2022 e-bundle.
Offers from our Advisors:
  • Master’s College will be offering a 15% discount in their GMAT prep group course that starts classes in September 2021 for all attendees.
  • MBA International Business will be providing all attendees with a copy of the latest edition of MBA International Business Magazine.
  • Merchant GMAT will be offering all attendees a Free 1-hour GMAT class to diagnose your strengths and weaknesses and a free 45-minute admissions consultation to help define red flags, application strategy, and story development. Merchant Scholarships will be available from $500 – $1500 after your free GMAT or Admissions Consultation is booked.


18:00-18:25 Duke University & York University Present:
Keynote Panel: How to Make Your Application Stand Out
18:30-22:00 University Hall & Networking Lounge
Live Chat with Admission Directors, Alumni and Current Students
18:30-20:30 MeetUps:
Small group virtual meetings with university representatives
18:30-22:00 Resume Review Clinic:
Hosted by University of Oregon
18:30-18:55 Vanderbilt University Presents:
MBA Talk: Learn to Lead - The Vanderbilt MBA Leadership Development Program
18:30-18:55 York University Presents:
MBA Talk: Your MBA, Your Way - The Schulich Advantage
19:00-19:25 Duke University Presents:
MBA Talk: Your Post-MBA Success
19:00-19:25 University of California, Los Angeles Presents:
MBA Talk
19:30-19:55 University of Virginia Presents:
MBA Talk: Preparing Leaders for Uncertain Times - The UVA Darden MBA
19:30-19:55 Carnegie Mellon University Presents:
MBA Talk: The Intelligent Future: Driven by Data, Reimagined by Humans
20:00-20:25 Northwestern University Presents:
MBA Talk: Kellogg Information Session
20:30-20:55 University of Pennsylvania Presents:
MBA Talk
21:00-21:25 Arizona State University Presents:
MBA Talk: How Important is Innovation When Deciding on an MBA Program?
21:00-21:25 University of British Columbia Presents:
MBA Talk: Why Vancouver is One of the Best Cities for an MBA and Quality of Life
21:30-21:55 GMAC Presents:
Advisor Talk: What You Should Know About the GMAT Exam


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