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Applicant from Lagos Shares Thoughts on Applying for an MBA

Applicant from Lagos Shares Thoughts on Applying for an MBA

Onyeka Okonkwo, an MBA applicant and The MBA Tour Lagos attendee answered some of our questions about how her experience was at our event and what she hopes to gain from an MBA. 

Where are you in your career?

I majored in economics for my undergrad degree and shortly after graduation went on to acquire a chartered accountancy professional qualification. In the seven years course of my career, I have worked as an auditor for six years with a medium-sized firm and currently as a risk analyst with a Big 4. Auditing was an accomplishing career as I got the opportunity to work with financial institutions, FMCGs, and retail chain stores. The exposure across industry lines made it possible for me to redesign accounting and control systems of clients; analyse financial impact of business decisions; conduct financial due diligence exercise for clients to gain foreign investment; and an interesting stint in forensic audit. As a risk analyst, I work within the internal service unit availing me a great learning experience across various functional units within the firm and client relationship management. It is the best back-end view to complement my time on the field.

Why did you decide to pursue an MBA?

The short answer is to build capacity. Over the years in my audit career, I observed a recurring pain point among SMEs in Nigeria where I believed my skill set would be useful. Part-time, I began dabbling into entrepreneurship while looking forward to a full transition in the nearest future. I believe that the benefits of the MBA will be far-reaching in achieving this goal by helping me acquire transferable skills in leadership, critical and strategic thinking that will hone my ability to learn, research and stay abreast of latest development, technologies and trends in emerging economies. The network of cross-cultural learners will also broaden my worldview in addressing big business issues and challenges, exposing me to diverse perspectives through collaborative work.

Why did you decide to attend an MBA Tour event?

Beyond searching for the best schools that would be a good fit for me, I was also looking forward to meeting admissions committee to learn more about their admission process, get answers to questions that would help my decision, and learn about the things not typically mentioned on the website (and there were a lot of them).

What aspect event did you find most helpful? Which schools did you network with?

The meeting with admissions committee was very helpful. We were told what to ask each school’s representative, what kind of information would be most helpful in making a final application decision, and how to decide between the GMAT and GRE. These were really good tips I was able to run with. I got to network with Boston University, Columbia University, William & Mary University, Duke University… actually I met with every school that showed up (and I’m glad I did), but those named here were my target institutions, save William & Mary who made a big impression on me during the event.

What factors influenced you in making the decision as to where to apply?

Typically I look at the strength of the curriculum and mode of delivery; availability of financial aid; and opportunities for exposure available within the program.

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