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Number of Events Per Event Price Discount
1-5 USD 3,450 0%
6-10 USD 3,100 10%
11-20 USD 2,750 20%
21-30 USD 2,600 25%
31-40 USD 2,425 30%
41+ USD 2,250 35%

*Prices shown are Early Bird rates, all event prices will increase by USD 100 on November 26, 2016 for spring tours.

Services for Purchase

Event Extras
MeetUp - schedule meetings with candidates
TheMBATourMatch - scheduling services for MeetUp
School Presentations
MS Fair - option offered in select cities
Travel Package - Leave the planning to us
Social Media Package - Events & Beyond

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 Buy 6 cities, your discount cost is $3,200 per city!
(discounts will be spread across all tour invoices)

Asia February 2017

Travel Packages: (all prices in USD)
(Seoul, Taipei, Shanghai, Beijing)
Package includes 3 flights, 6 airport transfers and bookings for 9 hotel nights that will be paid for by the guests at check out for an additional $2014 (appx). Prices may vary within 45 days of departure.

Event Cost:   $3,550 per city
    MeetUp     MBATourMatch    
  Feb 21, 2017   $3,550 MeetUp  
  Feb 23, 2017   $3,550 MeetUp  
  Feb 25, 2017   $3,550 MeetUp  
  Feb 27, 2017   $3,550 MeetUp  


Latin America March 2017

Travel Packages: (all prices in USD)
(Mexico City, Lima, Bogota, Sao Paulo)
Package includes 3 flights, reservations for 10 hotel nights, and 6 airport transfers. Hotel nights will be paid for at check-out for an additional $2016. Price may vary within 45 days of departure

Event Cost:   $3,550 per city
    MeetUp     MBATourMatch    
  Mar 4, 2017   $3,550 MeetUp  
  Mar 6, 2017   $3,550 MeetUp  
  Mar 8, 2017   $3,550 MeetUp  
  Mar 11, 2017   $3,550 MeetUp  




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NEW BUSINESS SCHOOL CLIENTS If you are a school applying to one of our tours for the first time, your application will be reviewed by our Advisory Board, and we will notify you of the decision within 1 week of receiving your application.

PAYMENTS AND DEPOSITS All registrations will be sent full balance invoices, which are due upon receipt. Costs for Travel Package purchases can be invoiced separately on June 1, 2016 upon request. 
If a school fails to pay the full balance prior to any event, The MBA Tour reserves the right to restrict the school from downloading attendee pre or post registration files. The MBA Tour INC will make every effort possible to notify you before canceling participation due to lack of payment.

LATE FEES If an event is not paid for prior to the event, there will be a fee of USD325 PER EVENT charged as a late fee.

CANCELLATION POLICY If a school cancels its participation between 90 and 60 days prior to the start of the tour, 25% of the tour / event fees will be charged. If a school cancels its participation within 60 days prior to the start of a tour, 100% of the tour/event fees will be charged. Furthermore, the school will reimburse The MBA Tour for all loss, liability, damages, and expenses which The MBA Tour, INC incurs or sustains as a result of a cancellation of participation by the school.

OPTION PAYMENTS Once a university representative has signed up for "options" (extra activities, professional or cultural) on a tour, that person is committed to paying any fees associated with that option. If a representative wants to cancel their participation in a paid option, they cannot receive a refund if pre-payment has been required for that option. If payment is not received for the selected option, the representative will not be allowed to participate.

CREDITS Any credits acquired during the 2016-2017 tour seasons must be used by March 2017. Outstanding credits will not be carried over to the summer/fall 2017 season.